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Game of Thrones Premiere Party Planning Tips & Free Download

Posted by Phoenix C. on

Winter is Here Game of Thrones Banner

8/31: The free party pack has been updated!

Download these FREE Game of Thrones party decor and check out our top 10 Game of Thrones party decor tips!

It's only until Game of Thrones season 6 premiere is upon us. Who is ready for a deadly Game of Thrones theme party, or a Red Wedding for that ultimate A Song of Ice and Fire fan? You will find decoration ideas, costumes, recipes, party games and more. Finally, don't forget to download the FREE GoT Printable Party Pack here to immerse you and your guests in the true spirit of Westeros. All spoiler free.

1. Start off by sending your friends and foes this Jon Snow invitation.

Make sure they see that guest rights will be honored in your halls (most likely):

Game of Thrones theme party invitation

2. Dress code = cosplay:

Here are a couple complete tutorials on how to look like two of my favorites: the Hound and of course the multifaceted and ever-lovely Daenerys Targaryen. Let your guests vote for the best costume.

3. For the queens and kings of the kitchens:

Cook up a feast for the crows with these authentic Westerosi recipes from I suggest the Dothraki goat with sweetgrass, firepods and honey and honeycakes with blackberries and nuts.

Dothraki goat with sweetgrass / Honeycake

4. Pair the goat and honeycakes with a Westerosi vintage:

like a Dornish Red or Arbor Gold, the only thing Tyrion and Cercei Lannister could agree on:

Game of Thrones wine bottle labels

5. After a few drinks, it's time to breakout the game of wits.

Who's the person shown in the photo below? If you answered "Missandei", congratulations. See who reigns in this 50-question Game of Thrones trivia game from

Missandei from Game of Thrones

Photo credit:

6. A little competitive spirit is bound to make your guests thirsty.

This concoction known as "the Kingslayer" from will even the score, hands down.

The kingslayer cocktail from Nerdsandnomsense 

7. For the designated drivers / Dothraki riders:

Make sure you have some delightful non-alcoholic Westerosi beverages on hand (try Fountain of the Faceless Men, Winterfell Springs, Weirwood Sap, and Tears of Lys):

Game of Thrones water bottle labels

8. For a little fun and to capture the memorable event:

Set up a Game of Thrones photo booth with these props found on

Game of Thrones cast selfies

Photo credit:

9. Make sure your guests snack on...

some delectable, non-poisonous honeyed locusts and dragonfire roasted corn (siracha popcorn) while enjoying the spectacle. You can download the printable popcorn bag template and print it out at home.

Game of Thrones popcorn bags

10. Don't forget to decorate your medieval hall

with these sigils of the great houses of Westeros:

Game of Thrones season 6 banners

11. (Bonus tip!) A proper King's Landing affair would not be complete without

King's Landing Lemon Cake, which as we all know is Sansa Stark's favorite food. Lastly, finish the party off (not GRRM style) with Lord Frey's Red velvet cakes. Print out these cupcake wrappers and flags to complete the look.

Game of Thrones Cupcake Wrappers Lemon Cake Recipe

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