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DIY Starbucks Gift Card Holder for Dad

Posted by Phoenix C. on

Printable Father's Day Starbucks Gift Card Holder

Are you looking for an easy and cute DIY project you can do with the kids for the next Father's Day? Here is a super simple printable gift card holder that is perfect for the super-dad who runs on caffeine and love!

Step 1: Download this printable punny "DAD I love you a LATTE!" gift card holder template from the DesignGenes printables archive.

Printable Starbucks card holder

Step 2: Trim the card out along the the boarder. I used a trimmer but you can also just do it with a pair of scissors.

DIY Father's day Starbucks card holder

Step 3: Cut the two diagonal slots on the back of the card with a craft knife. (Please excuse the expired manicure left over from a very lovely wedding I recently attended)

Printable DIY Father's day card holder

Step 4: Slide your gift card into the two slots.

Make your own Starbuck Gift Card holder

Step 5: Write a heartfelt message to the dad of the year.

Homemade Starbucks gift card holder

Step 6: Print out the companion envelope template (with adorable coffee bean pattern inside!). Trim out the envelope along the cutline.

Printable envelope with insert

Step 7: Fold along the fold lines and glue the 3 bottom sides together. And insert the gift card holder into the envelope.

Printable Father's day card with envelope

Here's an extra tip: Use an online gift card vendor like to pay less for Starbucks or any other gift cards.


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