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Celebrate International Women's Day - Give Zambian Girls an Education

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Give Zambian Girls an Education

"Everyday, 6-year-old Rose wakes up and sees her rapist. She cleans with the people who beat her. When she can bath, its with the man who sexually molests her in the bath. Overnight, she goes to bed, sleeping on the floor, wondering if somehow her stepfather will sneak down, grab her, take her to his part of the shack, and rape again. She spends her time with her abusers, haunted and hungry when she should be going to school. On a service trip to Zambia, Claire Costa got to spend a week learning and loving Rose and nine other girls like her. Claire decided to sponsor Rose, but there are still children who have never been to school a day in their lives. They need your help."

- Danesa & Claire @educatezambia


Danesa of @feministvoice and Claire of @educatezambia use their Instagram accounts to generate donations for Family Legacy, which provides an education and a better future for Zambian children. The program these children are a part of will provide them with a nutritious meal (often the only meal of their day), a uniform, and a proper education.


  • Nearly 70% of Zambia’s population lives below the national poverty line.

  • Though it has increased in recent years, the average life expectancy in Zambia remains a shockingly low 47 years.

  • Recent estimates suggest that nearly 10% of Zambia’s population is infected with HIV/AIDS – a percentage that closely mirrors the nation’s abysmal infant mortality rate.

  • Due largely to the HIV/AIDS epidemic, a huge number of Zambian children are orphans.

  • Other diseases like cholera, malaria and parasitic infections impact large portions of the population annually.

  • Lacking a viable national highway system, rural Zambian communities are often dangerously isolated, making the delivery of aid extremely difficult and expensive. (source: Children International)


Happy International Women's Day 2016


This month, in celebration of International Women's Day, DesignGenes is collaborating with @feministvoice to bring our fans a giveaway. To enter the giveaway you have to 1. follow @feministvoice and @designgenes and 2. Donate to the Educate Zambia Fund. Every $5 gets you one entry! The giveaway ends March 8th at midnight ET.


Mug giveaway


Didn't have time to enter? No problem! From now until the end of March, when you purchase one of these feminist quote mugs, 10% of the proceeds will be donated to the Danesa and Claire's Educate Zambia Fund. Why? Because every child deserves an education regardless of race, religion, and where they were born.

 Malala Yousafzai Quote

The graduation class of 2015. They are on a brighter trajectory and their lives will never be the same because of those who decided to help.


The graduation class of 2015



To read more about about D&C's story, the organization Family Legacy, and child poverty:


Please donate and help spread the word!!! Share links are down below.

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